IET's products are used by over 130 of the leading Gen sites world-wide. They span virtually every industry and sector, range from small (5 users) to large (over 500 users), cover all Gen encyclopaedia and target platforms and adopt a wide variety of development standards and processes.

This links below are for a series of articles written by some of IET's customers about their experiences with our products.

Alecta Use of xTrace
Atos Origin Use of XOS to manage external objects
Flemish Ministry of Education Use of GuardIEn to automate model management and system updating.
Ford Credit Europe Use of GuardIEn to manage the implementation of the Loans Processing System, including parallel development of system releases.
KMD Use of xTrace
ING Use of GuardIEn with Endevor
Schuitema Use of GuardIEn as part of a re-factoring project and to automate the system implementation processes.
State of Alaska Experiences of using GuardIEn after migrating from a host ency to the CSE and needing to urgently resolve issues with ency contention and implementing code on MVS.
TAP Air Portugal Conversion of a 3270 block mode application to a new sophisticated web interface using Rapide.
The Pohjola Group Experiences of using GuardIEn to manage a large integrated project that contains many thousands of common action blocks.
R+V Insurance Report describing GuardIEn's contribution within the new Change and Configuration Management procedures.