GuardIEn at ATOS Origin

ATOS Origin - Company Profile

Atos Origin is a leading international information technology services provider and a global supplier of business consulting and technology integration services.

The development centre in Utrecht (The Netherlands) uses Gen to develop and maintain applications on behalf of Atos Origin customers. In 1999 Atos Origin implemented GuardIEn to automate change and configuration management of the Gen models.

To perform version control on non Gen objects (Oracle reports, EAB C sources, SQL scripts, HTML files for system documentation) a separate PC based version control tool was used. However when they came to upgrade to Windows 2000, it was discovered that the version of the PC source code control tool did not support Windows 2000, and that a free upgrade was not possible.

The team leader returned from the Edge conference in Geneva with a positive feeling about a new add-on to GuardIEn for managing non-Gen objects called XOS.

Atos Origin decided to choose XOS for the following reasons:

XOS deliverable types that have defined for the project include:

In conclusion, XOS has enabled Atos Origin to manage all application changes (both Gen and external objects) using a single change management process. A single GuardIEn Change Request now contains all of the objects changed and facilitates accurate and easy impact analysis and change implementation. The developers find it easy to use and appreciate the ability to manage changes to the external objects and perform impact analysis using a single product.