Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Gen are supported? xTrace works with Advantage Gen 6.5, Gen r7.* and Gen r8* with Windows 2000 and above.
Does xTrace need to access the encyclopaedia during a trace session? The encyclopaedia is accessed for breakpoint definition, viewing object descriptions and when entering a new action block if "Only trace current model" is selected. Otherwise the encyclopaedia is not accessed during a trace session.
Would unavailability of the encyclopaedia cause a problem during a trace session? Apart from the need to access the encyclopaedia described above, no. You can continue to use xTrace if the encyclopaedia is unavailable. You can also set the ODBC connection to read uncommitted data and not suffer from contention problems.
Do you have any experiences of using xTrace with other COBOL Trace Tools like Xpediter started in the same session? xTrace has been tried in combination with the IBM debugging tool and it will work with other debuggers as well. When you trace your Gen code the trace request is sent to xTrace, if you then call non-Gen code you may trace using e.g. Xpediter and when you return to your Gen code, xTrace will resume.
What happens if we trace through different versions of the code and what if they differ from the current version in the Gen model? xTrace executes the actual generated code, so this can differ from the model without any problems. However if you use the current version in the model for breakpoint definition prior to executing the code, view names or statement numbers may differ between the model and the generated code. Whilst this will not cause a problem, it might mean that the breakpoints stop at different statement numbers or conditions. There is a feature in the callstack that will make an AB name red if 2 different versions of the same AB are executed, which is useful for detecting if you are running different versions of the same code.
Do I need to install the xTrace service on the same server as my CSE? No, the xTrace service can be located on a separate server if required.
Is a trial version available? Yes, contact IET for details.
How long does it take to install xTrace? xTrace can be installed in a few hours.
Is training required? No, training should not be required because xTrace is very easy to use. However IET Product Support are available to answer any questions that you may have.