Automatic verification on upload provides immediate notification of errors to the developer, allowing them to be fixed at an early stage in the life-cycle.
Automated checking reduces the amount of time developers and QA staff spend on verification.
Checks can be performed without needing expert knowledge of the Standards or the Gen meta model.
Checks can be defined as mandatory, thus ensuring that all Standards are adhered to.
Integration with GuardIEn - checks are performed as an integral part of the development life-cycle.
Toolset plug-in allows developers to verify code before upload.
VerifIEr allows the development of sophisticated and comprehensive checks that would otherwise be impractical to perform manually.
Integration with GuardIEn extends the scope of checks to include configuration management and audit requirements.
Integration with genIE speeds up error correction using a combination of automated fixes and specialised genIE tools.
Automated generation of GuardIEn Code Review Notes speeds up error correction by placing the error text next to the affected statement.