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IET Support Centre - Darius Panahy - 2020-06-01

24 February 2020

IET are pleased to announce a new support portal called the IET Support Centre.

The Support Centre is now used to manage your email subscriptions and replaces our use of MailChimp which caused some mail delivery issues for some customers.

You also now use your support centre userid (email address) and password to access the password protected software download pages. If you previously had access to download software please note that you will need to logon to the Support Centre and request access for your Support Centre userid. The advantage of this new system is that you can now update your email address and password from the Support Centre.

You also use the support centre to:
  • Request activation codes

  • Download Software

  • Raise support issues

  • View seminar recordings and the IET Blog

  • View Known Software Problems

You can access the Support Centre via a link on the IET support home page or directly: