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DevOps Tool Support for CA Gen - Darius Panahy - 2020-06-01

6 February 2020

IET’s tools provide automated support for many of the tasks and processes involved in the development and management of CA Gen applications. GuardIEn has been used by many CA Gen customers to provide change control, versioning and automated build and deployment for over 30 years. GuardIEn also provides interfaces to commonly used enterprise change and configuration management tools on both z/OS and distributed platforms.

Many organisations are now revising their development practises for greater tool integration under the banner of DevOps. Whilst most users of GuardIEn and other IET tools will already be automating many of the steps in the life-cycle, in the context of DevOps they may also want to consider greater integration between tools.

A new paper describes the support currently offered by IET tools and opportunities for further tool integrations.
View or download the paper here: DevOps Tool Support for CA Gen