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Studio Developer Training - Darius Panahy - 2020-06-01

7 May 2019

Educagen are a company that provide specialised training in CA Gen, especially for new developers. They have recently updated their course material to offer training in Studio Developer, IET's new development environment for CA Gen that is based on Eclipse.
The first course was run for a customer in April with very positive feedback:

“We used Educagen to train a new developer in CA Gen. During the training a mix of the CA Gen toolset and Studio Developer was used. The developer preferred the Studio Developer interface. She thought it much more intuitive and a lot quicker while coding. The user interface in Studio Developer makes a lot more sense and is easier to understand, especially for a new developer used to modern development tools. Because of this we think the learning curve for a new developer to become productive is a lot shorter when using Studio Developer.”