Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Gen are supported? Gen 8.6
Will I still need a Gen toolset? Studio Developer is based on Gen Studio which is installed with the Gen toolset. For the majority of developer activities the toolset will not be used since Studio Developer supports most development functions. There are some functions not currently available like consistency check reports, and the toolset can be used for these if required.
Can I still use the Gen toolset as well as Studio Developer? Yes, Gen Studio and the toolset use the same local model .dat files so you can open the model with either. The only restriction is that you cannot have the same model open simultaneously in both the toolset and Studio.
What about tracing / debugging? The use of the Gen Diagram Trace Utility or xTrace is not affected by Studio Developer since they are used at runtime and not part of the development tools.
Will I need Rapide to use the new UI Designer? No, use of Rapide is not required. However for projects that are using Rapide, the new UI designer provides a seamless capabilty to use Rapide features and controls without needing a separate plug-in.
How do I use other IET products like GuardIEn, VerifIEr and genIE with Studio Developer? The IET DevOps Suite contains GuardIEn, genIE, VerifIEr and pathvIEw clients that are tightly integrated with Studio Developer.

Studio Developer Training

To help train new developers in Gen, IET are producing a series of short videos that show how to build applications using Gen with Studio Developer. The first modules are now available with more to come.

Each module is concise with the idea that a new developer can watch the video and then practice the concepts learnt.

The videos are available on YouTube:

For best results, please adjust the video quality to 1080p when playing the videos.

Each module will build on the concepts learnt in the previous modules and further develop the sample application. The first module starts with the creation of a new model, but subsequent modules start from the model from the previous module.

If you want to jump straight into a specific module or take a look at the model that was used in the videos, you can download the model for each training module, for example SDTrainingModule3 if you want to start Module 3 or view the finished model from module 2.