To add or modify an object, for example an entity type, action diagram, attribute or window design, the object is located in the Model Explorer and opened in the Editor area.

Where appropriate, the layout for objects like Entity Types, Attributes and the Dialog Flow Diagram is similar to the legacy Gen toolset to maximise compatibility.

The position of the editors can be adjusted to suit the developer's preference. In the example below, editors for entity types and a UI design are side by side with the action diagrams.

Editors generally do not use secondary dialogs so that multiple editors can be open at the same time and changes made in an editor can be saved to the local model independently of changes made in other editors.

Unlike the legacy toolset where all changes are saved to the model .dat files together, changes made in each editor can be applied to the local model work files individually (or cancelled) thus providing greater control over what changes are saved to the model.