pathvIEw is a Code Coverage Testing tool designed to ensure that changes to your CA Gen application have been thoroughly tested.

Code Coverage Testing measures the degree to which an application has been tested based on the number of statements that have been executed. By analysing the code coverage results, developers and testers can improve their test cases for functions or statements that have not been adequately tested. It might be that the statements are redundant, can never be executed or that the test cases fail to adequately test all branches in the logic.

pathvIEw enables code coverage testing at the action block statement level. It logs the statements that are executed when running a Gen-generated application.

pathvIEw has been designed to provide an easy method of capturing code coverage data for CA Gen applications. It has been optimised to provide a minimal runtime overhead, and integration with IET's GuardIEn product allows developers, testers and managers to rapidly view code coverage results at a variety of levels of detail, for example, by Change Request, model, application or load module.

Code Coverage coupled with an intelligent analysis of the results can greatly improve the quality of the application.