IET's products and services are focused on making developing applications with Gen faster, easier and to a higher level of quality.

The IET DevOps Suite is an integrated and complementary family of software tools but they can also be licenced and used individually.

In addition to our software products, we also provide consultancy and training services to help our customers efficiently implement and optimise our solutions.

We have been helping Gen users for over 30 years and have unparalleled experience in our field. If you would like to know more about how we can help, please get in contact. You can also view recordings of previous seminars and download brochures.

An integrated family of tools that automate DevOps for Gen.

Studio Developer
Making development with Gen more productive and easier to learn and use.
Fast and error-free deployment of Gen applications with automated version control, change management and build processes.
Manage all objects and files that reside outside of the Gen models with this add-on to GuardIEn.
Detect and correct errors with automated static code analysis and standards verification.
Improve quality using code coverage testing to validate your application testing.
Native Batch, IMS and CICS debugging of Gen z/OS applications.
Object List+
Powerful search, browse and compare tool for the Gen encyclopaedia.
Developer productivity tools for the Gen encyclopaedia.

Other IET Products

Develop impressive web interfaces with Gen.
Powerful toolset plug-ins and editing of action diagrams directly from the encyclopaedia.
Enhance the user interface for Gen Windows GUIs.