New WebCR Option

2 May 2014

The recent launch of GuardIEn Release 8.5 Service Pack 2 introduced a new release of our WebCR interface for GuardIEn.

The new release of WebCR has been developed with Rapide, and it provides a great way of accessing GuardIEn Change Request and Release Pack information from any browser without having to install the GuardIEn clients.

Previous versions of WebCR have required a separate licence. However we would like to encourage you to experience the great UIs that can be built with Rapide, and have therefore decided to include WebCR as a no-charge option for existing GuardIEn users.

Installing WebCR is also easy. You can either install it with a built-in simple application server or deploy it into your own application server.

To get started with WebCR, download the installation guide and the software from the IET support centre.

Note that if you want to be able to provide WebCR access to a wider user community within your organisation (for example non-development staff, end users, etc.), then this still requires the CR users option, but existing GuardIEn users can use the web interface for no extra cost.