Release 8.7

17 May 2018

Release 8.7 is now available for download from the IET web site.

Full details of the enhancements can be found in the Release Notes.

Highlights of this new release include:

Gen 8.6 Runtimes

Release 8.7 uses the Gen 8.6 runtimes.

SU Style Migrate and CR Content Migrate Only

When using the Migration Wizard to scope an SU-Style migrate and change requests for the scope, if the CR Content is flagged as Migrate Only, the deliverable is now included in the migrate but ignored for the post-migrate status update.

COBOL compiler OPTFILE support

GuardIEn HE now supports the use of a COBOL compiler OPTFILE for the GuardIEn controlled compiles.

HE Generate User Variables Exit

A new exit GDGNUVAR is provided on the HE to enable the definition of user ISPF variables in the generated JCL that invokes the Gen generation and installation jobs.

Password Length

The maximum length of the GuardIEn password has been increased from 10 to 64 characters.

Text Search confirmation

The confirmation dialog displayed when performing a text search is now no longer displayed by default.

Prevent complete model download

A new project property “All Model Download” can be defined to control whether a user can download the entire model using Task Assistant. The project property should contain a list of project access codes that allow the download of the complete

Impact Wizard No Install option

The Impact Analysis Wizard Dynamic Linking Style option has been renamed to Install Style and a new option provided to not include install actions in the impact results when using the Regen impact purpose.

New VerifIEr Checks

IET164 Export View Matching

IET165 GUI Control Positions